I feel honour to be the CEO of a Company, which started the business at a very small scale in 1979. Over the time we developed expertise in Construction work and specialized in waterproofing work & application of construction chemicals. I would like to share my experience and future plan with our valued clients in followings. Climatic exposure, extreme temperatures and lack of skilled and responsive workforce has exposed the existing structures, resulting in speedy deterioration with perpetual leakage / seepage. The structures through comparatively strong but give shabby look and poor esthetics. The industry is developing and so are the remedial measures, however till now the skill level and quality of materials are not upto the mark, due to which the new structures are also facing same problems. During our business life span, we had been facing problems in acquisition of quality materials especially for re-habilitation works. The management of Capital Sealers & Co decided to acquire quality products from well established, renowned and certified manufacturers at affordable price. After having extensive brainstorming and interaction with different manufacturers around the globe, the management decided to have European Brands which are well matured and have reputation all over the world. Keeping in view the quality and pricing, we decided to go for ISOMAT S. A. Greece. The company has EN certification and presently is supplying the construction chemicals all over the Europe. Thanks